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“Wonderful things are happening in our country at present.”

An Economic Miracle in Siberia


G v a r d e y s k – An economic miracle is afoot in a western Siberian village founded by Mennonite settlers from Ukraine in 1911. Two men around the age of 40, Jacob Dirksen und David Epp, have created a farm there with 14.826 acres of land and 40 employees.

Their village was originally called “Waldheim” and was named after a location in the Mennonite Molochna colony of eastern Ukraine. The Russian village is known better...


The Threat of a Hole in the Mosaic

The World’s Largest Territorial Lutheran Church Must Make Do with Very Few People

A report

V l a d i v o s t o k – Even in the Russian Far East it can be the state that keeps a Protestant congregation from throwing in the towel. A Lutheran house church had already received a green light from church leadership to close its doors. Yet when the city informed them that deregistration would cost 60.000 roubles (1.800 euros at the time), the congregation changed its mind.

How fortunate that bureaucracies can also...


Good for Surprises after All

Peter Mitskevich New President of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

M o s c o w -- On 22 March, at the national, Moscow convention of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (RUECB), Peter Valterovich Mitskevich was elected its president. He succeeds Alexey Smirnov, who served as President for two terms beginning in 2010. Peter Mitskevich (born 1959) is probably the best-educated Russian Baptist president ever. After serving as a medical doctor and part-time pastor for a decade, he entered Dallas Theological Seminary in...


No Longer in Limbo

The „Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists“ is back in business

M o s c o w -- After four years in limbo, the „Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists“ (EAF) appears to have roared back into existence. Between 9 and 16 April it hosted a Jerusalem gathering of nearly 80 delegates from countries stretching all the way from the USA to Tadzhikistan. The Russian delegation consisted of 12 members including newly-elected President Peter Mitskevich, Senior Vice-President Viktor Ignatenkov and outgoing ...


Not Everyone wants Reconciliation

Would Jesus have been a „Monist“?

Commentary     M o s c o w – The elation in the South Korean city of Pyeongchong reached the rafters on 9 February as the united Korean team entered the arena under an all-Korean flag. Any of us who had suffered through the division of Germany could not help but be moved. How much hate and aversion had rained down on Koreans during the past 70 years! And the Korean division has been much stricter and is surviving much longer than the German one. Had the...


Waiting on the White Smoke

The Russian Evangelical Alliance’s 15th annual convention in Moscow

M o s c o w -- It took a while for the white smoke to climb up the chimney. That’s the Roman Catholic metaphor the 66-year-old Alexander Fedichkin, the Russian Evangelical Alliance’s president, used to describe the protracted internal negotiations leading up to his appointment for an additional three-year term. Consequently, the REA’s 15th annual conference, held on 22 February in Moscow’s Lutheran...


Dividing the Christian Sheep from the Christian Goats

Protestant Developments in Russia during 2017

M o s c o w -- In an interview with Moscow’s dissident “Portal-Credo” news service on 26 December, Yuri Sipko, the Russian Baptist Union’s one-time president, described the banning of Russia’s Jehovah’s Witnesses on 17 August as the country’s most significant religious development during 2017. “This measure destroys the constitutional right to freedom of conscience.” With this step, “the political establishment has demonstrated its ignorance and its choice of force as the...