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Healthy Debate is Needed

A conversation on the Baptists of Georgia

M o s c o w – Despite controversies, Elimar Brandt of Berlin, a Baptist pastor and long-time director of Christian health-care facilities, see reasons for hope within the Baptist church of Georgia. After five years of post-graduate studies in Oxford/UK, its long-time head, Dr. Malkhaz Songulashvili, returned to Georgia in April 2014. Yet soon he was no longer archbishop: that position is now held by a more conservative colleague, Merab Gaprindshvili....


A Conflict Crying for Compromise

A Commentary on Gennady Mokhnenko

M o s c o w -- On his Facebook page and even on California-based Russian TV, Mariupol/Ukraine’s Gennady Mokhnenko repeats the political positions typical for Ukrainian evangelicals. A cultural Russian and non-speaker of Ukrainian, this Pentecostal leader is the legal father of 30+ orphans and a military chaplain. He decries pacifism and regularly portrays himself in camouflage. According to this political slant, evangelicals expressing basic loyalty...


Brothers and Sisters in All Camps

Russian Pentecostals hold their annual Moscow conference

M o s c o w – The big-time events produced by the “Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith” (ROSKhVE) are memorable. Among Russia´s Protestants, no one demonstrates greater talent in holding them. On 18 October, roughly 50 guests of honour from church and politics showed up for its annual conference (“Maly Sobor”) in Moscow’s “Word of Life”, the city’s largest Protestant congregation. In addition to written greetings, approximately 25 words of greeting were...


Russia’s Evangelical Alliance has Joined the European Family

News from the EEA’s Annual Conference in Portugal

M o s c o w – The Russian Evangelical Alliance has achieved a significant milestone. At its annual conference in Colares/Portugal on 12 October, the REA was accepted as a full member of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA). According to REA-General-Secretary Sergey Vdovin, the goal was only achieved after 142 years of effort. Britain’s Granville Waldegrave (1833-1913), better known as Baron (or Lord) Radstock, who had spent time as a missionary in St. Petersburg 1874-78, was a member of the...


The Continuing Journey in Opposing Directions

On the present climate among Russia’s Protestants

S m o l e n s k – The worries are self-evident since the „Yarovaya-Laws“ or the „Yarovaya Package“ were passed on 7 July. A seminar held by the US-supported “Slavic Legal Centre” on 18 July in the Russian capital was attended by 3.500 mostly Protestant listeners. ”The believers are very worried about monetary fines”, reported Vitaly Vlasenko, Director of External Relations for the “Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists”, on 20 September. “Our congregations are frequently very poor...


Keep Cool and Carry On

A Commentary on Russia’s new anti-terror legislation

M o s c o w -- Despite massive lobbying by Russian Protestants, President Vladimir Putin signed off on a package of anti-terror legislation usually called the “Yarovaya Laws” on 7 July. Highly significant for evangelicals are stipulations forbidding evangelistic efforts in public areas and restricting the practice of religion to officially-designated, registered places of worship. Concerns were audible but hardly apocalyptic during Protestant...


Ukrainians pity Russians - Russians pity Ukrainians

On the sad feud between next-door neighbours

M o s c o w -- Wading through Internet responses to the new Russian legislation on religion - the “Yarovaya Laws” of 7 July - one is struck by the divide between the profoundly cross-fertilized and interconnected evangelicals of Russia and Ukraine. One reaction could be described as scorn. A photo of Vladimir Putin conversing with the Pentecostal bishop Sergey Ryakhovsky and the Evangelical-Christian businessman Alexander Semchenko (both from Moscow), sports the inscription:...

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