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The Position of Ukraine’s Protestants is Different

Thoughts regarding a long-term confrontation

Commentary G w a r d e y s k – There are similar concerns among the Protestants of Russia and Ukraine. Both express aversions regarding the liberal, Western world and its defence of women’s and gay rights. Together with the Orthodox, both support the retention of traditional family values. Let us therefore list their differences. There are opinions and practices among the Protestants of Ukraine which barely exist in Russia. Most of the...


Waiting on Santa Claus

A comparison between the Orthodox and Lutherans in Russia

Commentary Gvardeysk/Tapiau, Kaliningrad Region – Sometimes I sit on one of the benches still retaining a seat in front of Kaliningrad/Königberg’s aging, 1999-built Evangelical-Lutheran “Church of the Resurrection” (Auferstehungskirche) and gaze skyward at its impressive façade. That awakens both happy and sad memories. At the turn of the new millennium, Kaliningrad’s Lutheran services were still visited by hundreds who brought along their...


The Desire to Live in a Normal Country

Russian Protestants invited to emigrate to the USA

G w a r d e y s k – Apparently, the „Yarovaya Laws“ of July 2016, which are intended to hinder proselytization, also have positive consequences for the Protestants of Russia. The Protestant advertisement forum „Khristianski Megafon“ (formerly „Maxima-News“) carries the advert of an “American Visa Center” inviting the interested to emigrate to the USA (see for ex.

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